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Foundation Repair in Andover, New Jersey

If there are visible cracks in your foundation, now is the time for action. Foundation cracks can be caused by a number of things, one being water. Water looks for a place to move to and if your home or office building is in the way, it begins to seep into your foundation and basement walls. Over time this water will begin to deteriorate your foundation.

A compromised foundation can never be a good thing. Mid-Atlantic Waterproofing has the expertise to help. We have specialized in basement waterproofing, crawl space waterproofing and foundation repair for over 45 years, and we're still kicking! We have been given praise and awards over the years to speak to our high level of customer service and high quality of work.

During your free home inspection, our highly trained inspector will show you the problem areas in your home and your options to help stop the water damage.

Andover: (201) 632-5411