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Basement Water Problems: Stage One

Basement Mold

Damp or Leaky Wet Basement

Mold and Mildew

These are the beginning signs that you have a basement water problem. Many homeowners decide to use DIY methods to attempt to solve their problems, such as paint. Many times these “solutions” only make your water problem worse. They treat symptoms, not the true cause.

Mid-Atlantic Waterproofing can offer a variety of solutions depending on the type of issue that your home has. This is why we offer a free inspection service. Some of the products we may use for your particular problems could include but are not limited to: MidaSeal™, EZBreathe®, MidaScent™ and MidaAire™.

Call Mid-Atlantic Waterproofing today to schedule your free home inspection and find out the best solution for your home.