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Waterproofing Contractor in Bristow, Virginia

Struggling with water in your basement? No reason to worry anymore. Mid-Atlantic Waterproofing is familiar with Bristow homes and can offer the best solution for your home.

No house is the same. During our FREE home inspection, our highly trained inspectors are determine what custom water management system is right for your basement or crawl space. Don't let the water do more damage to your home. Take your basement back and be able to use it as liveable space! 

Mid-Atlanic Waterproofing has been perfecting basement waterproofing, foundation crack repair and crawl space waterproofing for over 45 years. Our awards can speak to the fact that we are "The Nation's Number One Waterproofer!" Schedule your free home inspection today. By the end of the process, you'll be able to party at Jiffy Lube Live and never worry about whether or not your basement is leaking again!


Bristow: (703) 570-1976

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