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Foundation Repair in Carteret, New Jersey

Foundation cracks may begin as small issues- just little eye sores. But, if left untreated, they can manifest into problems much worse: water seepage, loose bricks or blocks, mold and mildew, and the shifting of your home. 

Don't delay the issue. The sooner your problem is remedied, the better. Mid-Atlantic Waterproofing has been the industry leader in basement waterproofing, crawl space encapsulation and foundation repair for over 45 years. We know that your home is no laughing matter, and to take care of it is taking care of your family. Our highly trained inspectors can offer your the best solution for your home's individual needs through out customizable water management system.

Nervous because the last contractor you hired didn't meet your expectations? Check out our awards and testimonials, then schedule your FREE home inspection.

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