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Pleased With Customer Service

George, the Production Manager in Maryland, is wonderful. I will be honest, in the past the customer service end of the company has been less than supportive. Recently, I called about an issue and scheduled an appointment after speaking at length with a woman named Ashley. She had George call me. He came to my house to see the issue for himself then called and made arrangements for someone to take care of the issue. He responded right away when I contacted him which I really appreciate. I am very happy with my dry basement and am now also pleased with the follow up customer service.

Great Service

We had Mid-Atlantic put in a french drain and sump pump in our basement. They were very efficient and did a great job of protecting our basement from dust and residue from the work. Surprised that they completed the work in one day. We've had excellent service from the installation and are completely satisfied. Highly recommend Mid-Atlantic.

Finally a Dry Basement!

From the salesman who came to inspect our problem to the crew that did the work - exceptional! We had a few other companies come and within the first 15 min. we both knew this was the company we would go with. Very glad we did. This was a messy job but the crew was amazing at how they worked to minimize the dust flying etc. They were on time, worked hard and actually finished a day early. No more water in our basement! We would highly recommend Mid-Atlantic.

Great, Great, Great

Professional, friendly, knowledgeable, Have not seen a drop of water in our basement since we had the work done in August of 2017 and we have had some pretty heavy rain storms

Best Company EVER!!!

From the very first encounter when signing up for a free inspection to the last time they came to inspect my cellar, this company could not have been any better! Every time I called, I always got a LIVE person answering the phone. The girls in the office were kind, caring and helpful with whatever I needed. The fellows that came to dig the trench could not have been more polite, helpful and eager to explain each and every part of the procedure. And I have been assured that if I ever have a problem with water in the cellar, they will come and fix it ALWAYS. (and they have been back twice as I have a stubborn water problem.). If you want a dry cellar, THIS is the company for you!!

Everything as promised

The crew arrived promptly at 8 am, and IMMEDIATELY started working. I was just starting to introduce myself to the foreman, when I realized the crew had already unloaded their tools, taken them into my basement, and had begun breaking up concrete. (I am really glad I had done my own assigned preparations the night before, namely moving everything to the center of my basement. They even wrapped heavy gage plastic around my pile BEFORE they started making dust.) They continued to work rapidly, yet methodically, all morning, and completed the job a little after noon. Mid-morning, I brought them coffee and donuts. They all thanked me ... but didn't stop for a moment. No one touched any food until they had packed up and climbed back into their trucks!!! As for the quality of their work... I'm a contractor myself, but I've never before seen such quality, care, attention to detail, politeness, and overall efficiency. Over a year has passed, now, since that awesome morning, and our basement has been bone dry ever since. My wife and I give them 4 thumbs up!

Very Pleased

Mid-Atlantic did a great job in our basement. They did everything they said they would do, and our basement has not had any water since. The system works just as they said it would. The contractors who put in the system were very easy to work with as well, and they did everything they could to make the work easy on my family. I would highly recommend them.

Super Dry Basement

Since we had our basement done we have no issue with standing water or having water seeping through the foundation wall.

No more water in basement.

Midlantic arrived promptly and did everything we had discussed to eliminate the water that was constantly in my basement. Two days later the work was completed and the basement was cleaned up and I have had no issues since.

Great design, great work, Professional

I had substantial water coming into my basement. The Mid-Atlantic design for a french drain did the trick. The team that came was EXTREMELY professional. They came, did the job, cleaned up the site and left me with a dry basement. I praise them everytime it rains. Great people.

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