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Crawl Space Foundation Repair

Most crawl space water problems can be fixed with waterproofing through encapsulation and vapor barriers. Other times the water damage has progressed to the point that foundation damage and structural damage must be corrected before the waterproofing process can begin. Mid-Atlantic Waterproofing has been performing crawl space repairs for over 50 years. In fact, our licensed installers have served over 100,000 households with pride, integrity and efficiency. 

Signs of foundation damage

  • Cracks in concrete, block, or brick
  • Loose or broken mortar
  • Leaning piers
  • Uneven doors and windows
  • Sunken slab
  • Sloping floors in your house
  • Crawl space mold
  • Crawl space water
  • Crawl space moisture

There are only two ways to address crawl space foundation repairs, structural repairs, or other water damage repair - the wrong way and the right way.

The wrong way

Let's face it. Not everyone is an expert on waterproofing or performing foundation repairs. Leaving matters in the wrong hands can complicate your problems by making them worse. Avoid making these mistakes whenever possible.

  • Unlicensed contractor
  • Improper installation (voids warranty)
  • Low quality products
  • Temporary solutions
  • Doing nothing

The right way

While there are typically multiple solutions to most given water in your crawl space, the “right way” is the only way to implement them at Mid-Atlantic Waterproofing. Whether your crawl space foundation repairs require new foundation piers, or just a few blocks replaced and protected with our patented Hydro-Trac system and industry leading warranty that's attached to the house, our certified installers provide a world-class service that is prompt, reliable and efficient. Mid-Atlantic Waterproofing only uses waterproofing products and systems that have been proven to be effective. Each of our licensed inspectors is an expert in every aspect of the waterproofing business from the inspection process to the finalized project. Mid-Atlantic Waterproofing is there by your side every step of the way.

Award Winning Company

Mid-Atlantic Waterproofing has national resources with the advantage of local accountability. Our award winning company has been recognized as an industry leader and strives to ensure our customers always receive the best service and products available. In fact, Mid-Atlantic Waterproofing is so confident we can address all of your waterproofing needs, our certified professionals are happy to provide you with a FREE home inspection without any obligation from you.