You know your basement has a problem. There are either cracks in your foundation on the walls or floor or water coming up through your basement floor.

When you have an inspection done to fix your home, someone may tell you that you have hydrostatic pressure. But what is it?

Water has two properties, it is self-leveling and it follows the path of least resistance. When water in the ground finds an impasse, it will follow the path of least resistance. Unfortunately, after years of this occurring along with soil shifting, the water may no longer have somewhere to go. This causes it to build up around your home’s foundation.

The water will then attempt to get through a new path of least resistance- your basement walls. This build-up is what causes hydrostatic pressure. It is the constant pressure of water on your foundation walls and up underneath the floor.

If your home is already experiencing foundation cracks, dampness, or water seepage, it’s time for a professional opinion. Call Mid-Atlantic Waterproofing for a free home inspection.