The biggest problem with heavy summer thunderstorms is that they can follow a very dry time. During dry seasons, moisture content in the soil evaporates and the soil pulls away from a home’s foundation.

When the soil contracts from your home it creates a trench or micro-gaps which allow direct access to your foundation from these heavy rains. During frequent and extended rains, the soil re-absorbs the water and begins to expand. This begins from the bottom up, forcing pressure upwards from underneath your home’s foundation. The expansion will also create tremendous pressure on your foundation walls, creating new cracks and paths of least resistance for water to enter your home. This is vicious, never-ending cycle.

As the water enters your foundation it will bring acid from the soils. These acids will erode your concrete or mortar and weaken your foundation. The weaker your foundation gets, the weaker it will remain. After years of this cycle, your foundation no longer has the strength to withstand the lateral pressure the soil and weight of the water will place on it. This can lead to complete foundation failure.

July tends to be one of the drier months of the year in the Mid-Atlantic region, while August tends to be one of the wettest. Don’t delay and wait until the problem worsens. Call Mid-Atlantic Waterproofing today for your free inspection.