Winterizing your basement and foundation could help you save a lot of trouble, heartache, time and money!


As the calendar turns to mid-November and the stores stock their shelves for the winter and holiday season, it is easy to remember your winter checklist:

Snow boots

Winter jacket



Snow tires

Heating system

Antifreeze in car

Basement……… wait, basement?

If you are one of the many homeowners that don’t have “Check Basement” on your list for preparing for the winter months, then let us help you change your mindset!  Many homeowners don’t realize they’re making a mistake by not having their foundation winterized and that mistake can be costly.

Mid-Atlantic offers a winterization package because we understand how important a winter-ready foundation is for the safety of your home.  When the spring finally rolls around, do you find yourself avoiding potholes in the road at all costs?  Potholes occur because those small cracks in the road you saw in the fall will take in more water and freeze, causing that small crack to grow.  The same thing can happen to your foundation if those small cracks you have this fall go untreated.  The smallest crack in your foundation will let water in causing havoc.  That water can eventually freeze and expand which can buckle any foundation wall.

Mid-Atlantic’s winterization package can help prevent the effect of winter on your home.  This package includes spraying the exterior foundation above grade with a durable, clear concrete sealant.  Mid-Atlantic will also seal cove areas where the foundation meets sidewalks, driveways, porches, patios, steps, etc. 

Winterizing your basement and foundation is a great way to be PROACTIVE and get ahead of your foundation problems before they become bigger and you are forced to be REACTIVE which is always costlier! Schedule your free inspection as soon as possible.  Mid-Atlantic can come to your home and make sure your basement is in its healthiest state before Mother Nature unleashes her wintery fury.  If you wait until you see the issue, it could be too late.