How will you resolve your basement issue in 2017?

Who says that a New Year resolution is solely restricted to your own personal wealth, health and well-being? Why not make 2017 the year to focus on making your home more functional, organized and making the most of all the space you have inside your house? 

One place in a home that gets neglected the most is the basement.  A basement is a valuable area where you can add more living space, giving you years of enjoyment.  Truth be told, the sky is the limit on how you can change your unfinished basement full of random items and storage boxes into a finished and functional space.

Here are 10 ways you can transform your basement in 2017:

  1. The top New Year's resolution is to lose weight by getting a new gym membership.  Instead of dealing with the crowds at your local gym and paying those monthly fees, invest in your favorite workout machines and gear to create your own no-nonsense at-home gym.
  2. Invite guests into your home and entertain in your basement.  Have a bar built in your basement that is great for parties and get-togethers.
  3. Hate going to the movie theater? Make your basement into your very own movie theater for movie nights with your friends and family.  Don't forget to get that popcorn machine for the real experience!
  4. Do you love to host big dinners and entertain frequently? Do you wish you had more room to make, prep and store all that food? Your basement is a great space to add a second kitchen or even a small kitchenette to your home.
  5. When your guests arrive for either one night or one week, it is important to have a space to make them feel comfortable.  If you are thinking the only option for your guests is the couch in the living room, then think again!  Change your basement into a fresh guest bedroom.
  6. Make that man cave you've been dreaming about since the first time you saw your basement into a reality!  Gather your sports memorabilia, get a pool table, a good tv and some comfy seating and you'll be ready to host your friends for every major sporting event.
  7. Why don't you convert your dark old basement into a functional craft room?  There, you can work on your projects with less noise and complete privacy.  Soon enough you'll be opening your own Etsy shop!
  8. Take advantage of your walk-out basement and turn your empty basement into an apartment.  The extra income you receive will be making you wish you had thought about creating an apartment sooner.
  9. Want to keep all the kids toys to one area of the home?  Convert your basement into an open play area for your kids.  Add colorful storage containers that are easy for your kids to get to and put away.
  10. Turn your basement into your very own library and reading nook.  Build shelves to display your books and magazines.  Create a cozy seating area for you to be able to rest, relax and get lost in your favorite novel.

Who wouldn't want extra space in their house? All ten ideas will not only add space and enjoyment to your home but also value! However, when was the last time you visited your basement? Did you find your basement to seem damp, wet, dirty or musty smelling?  In order to make your basement into a functional space, a dry basement will make the difference.  Mid-Atlantic Waterproofing can help ensure that your basement stays warm and dry with a no-cost inspection by one of our experts.  Don’t delay, let Mid-Atlantic help you resolve your basement issues in 2017, you won’t regret it!