Discover why Mid-Atlantic Waterproofing has a reputation for excellence!


The home represents the American Dream and the one major investment that should always be preserved and protected.  The foundation and basement area of the home typically represents up to 50% of the total square footage of your investment.  Most importantly, it structurally supports the living area.  Maintaining the structural integrity of your foundation is a must and fixing any water or the structural problem will be immediately beneficial.

Every year, we service hundreds of homes affected by a damaged foundation. At Mid-Atlantic we help educate our customers, save them time & money.


1.      Time Proven Excellence: Mid-Atlantic delivers more than five decades’ experience and documented success in more than 500,000 homes from Connecticut to Virginia, New Jersey to Ohio. We know what will or will not work!

2.      United States Patent: Our basement waterproofing system is the envy of our industry. Our patented solutions and innovative products give our customers the direst basement in town and secure a peace of mind.

3.      Awards and Recognition: We are proud of the numerous service awards and recognition for excellence we have received, and numerous years of Top 20 rankings in the highly regarded, Qualified Remodeler’s magazine list of America’s 500 leading home improvement companies.

4.      Certified and Expert Contractors: Our certified contractors know every code and ordinance with ongoing training in the latest products and waterproofing systems.  Our experts work tirelessly to install your system quickly and professionally to ensure a “Dry Basement Certification.”

5.      Free Inspection: Whether you notice cracks in your foundation, water in your basement or dampness in your crawl space, our team of experts are ready and happy to provide a free inspection, and there’s no obligation!

With Mid-Atlantic Waterproofing, you will find our team eager and available to assist you with your needs and provide you with superior customer service.  Our company motto is “Whatever It Takes” and we will always go the extra mile to ensure that your home is safe and dry for you and your family. If your home has a basement or crawl space problem, count on us to deliver a plan and permanent solution, not a temporary fix.