Snow Melting + Spring Showers = Flooded Basement



With this historic snow storm hitting the Mid-Atlantic Region and New England in March, the good thing is that spring-like temperatures will soon follow, allowing for the snow to melt quickly! Although that is good news for those who aren’t fans of snow, it is not good news for your foundation, basement or crawl spaces.  Also, since it is March that means we have to be on the lookout for spring showers.  When the snow begins to melt and mixes with spring showers, your basement could be in BIG TROUBLE!

FYI: 1 cubic foot of snow can hold as much as 2-3 gallons of water!!!

As you dig out from the latest round of snow, keep in mind these 4 things to protect your basement, foundation and crawl spaces:


  1. Shovel snow and ice AWAY from your home.  No matter how much or how little of accumulation you experience, you do not want to shovel or push snow or ice against your foundation.  By moving snow and ice at least a few feet away from your home it will help to reduce the possibility of foundation damage or water leaking into your home.
  2. Clear away snow and ice from your downspouts and gutters and make sure they are draining AWAY from your home! If they're blocked or clogged they could overflow causing water to sit next to your home and most likely find its way into your home.
  3. Check your sump pump to make sure it's doing its job.  When your sump pump is working properly it can be your home's first line of defense from flooding by transporting unwanted water to the exterior of your home.
  4. Inspect the interior and exterior of your foundation walls for any new cracks or cracks that have expanded over the season.  Look for excess water in your crawl space or any damp areas in your basement that could have come from the snow or ice.  Remember, water breeds mold, so be especially vigilant if anyone in your household has allergies.


Take a good look at everything inside and outside of your home and make sure that you take care of it before the spring showers (hopefully not snow showers) comes your way. Mid-Atlantic Waterproofing offers free basement and foundation inspections at no cost or obligation to determine the best course of action for your home or business. After 50 plus years, our patented system has been proven to keep basements dry.