Here at Mid-Atlantic Waterproofing, we are so excited to announce the newest product we are offering to ensure our customers have a peace of mind! In addition to making sure our customers have the driest basement in town, we also want our customers to have the safest basement and home in town by getting a Stonewells EGRESS WINDOW installed.


What's an “Egress Window”?  Let us help you out! 

An egress window is a window that is required in specific locations in a basement and is intended to provide an emergency means of exiting a home from the basement.  Egress is another word for “exit”.  Egress windows must meet specific size and requirements to qualify as an egress window.  This is because they must be able to open to let people out of a basement area, as well as, allow emergency responders, such as firefighters, into the basement.

By adding an egress window to your home will instantly make your family safe by providing an escape route in case of emergencies; it can also help to make your home and family healthier.  Once an egress window is installed in your basement, you’ll be able to open it up and let in fresh air, making that damp smell and moisture a thing of the past!

Need another reason to have Mid-Atlantic Waterproofing install an egress window into your home?

10 Advantages of an Egress Window:

  1. Meets building codes for below-grade living space
  2. Fine stone texture that won't rust or dent like metal
  3. Comes in tow designer colors, Speckled Sandstone or Speckled Granite
  4. Built-in steps with a dual wall design offering high backfill rating
  5. Lets in more natural light
  6. Up to 5' window
  7. One piece unit, no assembly required
  8. Enhances the value of your home
  9. Optional polycarbonate cover eliminates weeds, pests and rainwater
  10. Maintenance free

Take a look at your basement and you will quickly realize how valuable the addition of an egress window will be to your home and family.  Mid-Atlantic offers free inspections and our experts will be able to educate you further on the benefits of having an egress window, as well as, ensuring that the installation is up to the proper code.