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In terms of property value and structural safety, few aspects of your home are as critical as the very foundation it sits upon. If you’ve noticed potential problems with your home’s foundation—whether hairline cracks, shifting walls, or impossible-to-close doors—don’t put them off! Instead, contact Mid-Atlantic Waterproofing today for a free property evaluation from the leading provider of foundation repair in New York, NY.

Expert Surface and Structural Repair for Any Foundation Problem

For something as important as your home’s foundation, you shouldn’t trust just any foundation contractors in New York. After all, shoddy craftsmanship or incorrect recommendations will only end up costing you more in repairs or damage! At Mid-Atlantic Waterproofing, we know how to accurately and professionally diagnose foundation issues because we’ve been doing it across the region for more than 50 years. Based on a thorough evaluation of your home, we’ll recommend one of our primary structural repair services:

  • Basement Foundation Repair: To fix both minor and major problems, we’ll utilize a combination of interior and exterior basement foundation repair strategies.
  • Crawl Space Foundation Repair: Your crawl space may be small, but its structural issues can affect the integrity of your entire home. We can fix everything from small cracks in the wall to major deterioration!
  • Foundation Piering: If your home has weak ground soil, foundation piering can bring it back to level and prevent further sinking over time.
  • Carbon Fiber Repair: With the carbon fiber technique, our foundation contractors can address any uneven foundation issues without having to tear out concrete.

At Mid-Atlantic, we understand that foundation repairs can be costly and stressful for NY homeowners, and we do everything we can to give you confidence in the quality of our work. We even include an independent licensed engineer on each project so you’ll know that our recommendations are objective and industry-approved!

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