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178 reviews

Great work

I tell people how your great your people were and I give them reviews.

Mid-Atlantic Waterproofing

Hi Michael, Thank you for your feed back. We truly value your opinion. We are happy to hear that you had a great experience with our company and if you ever have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out. Thank You, Mid Atlantic Customer Service

Great service!

I just had Scott install a new backup battery on one of my sump pumps. He called ahead to let me know he was on his way, showed up promptly, and did a great job installing the new backup battery. He was courteous, professional, and explained how the backup system worked. He installed a new backup battery system on my other sump pump a couple of months ago and also did a great job.

Never Again

This place is a awful. You employ nasty people. I had to deal with this rude lady Denatia she told me water coming in my basement is my problem not hers and that it is not covered under my warranty. She keeps scheduling service calls and then cancelling them and then when the people come they can t fix the problem. Such a waste of time and money. I am having this problem fixed by a reputable company without dealing with her any longer. I had to deal with her months ago and her nasty boss lady came to the house thinking she could bully me. I do not want to deal with these women any longer but they should be fired. They are not people who should be in customer service.

Replace sump pump

The repairman was super and he did a great job. Hey was punctual and they came very promptly upon me advising them that the pump was not working.

Watch out!

Their install teams are decent. But watch out for there service techs! I am currently waiting for them to resolve a situation. The service tech dripped purple pipe sealant all over my washer, dryer, chest freezer, and water softener! I have made multiple calls to them to try to get compensated for the damage and they keep giving me the run around. The latest is that I hear that they have told management that the situation has been resolved! Which it HAS NOT! I have even tried going right to the top and called the owner! Which he has failed to give me a call back! Attorneys are next on my agenda to get this resolved. It is sad that it has come to this!

upgrade of equipment

In 2018 Mid Atlantic Water Proofing upgraded the pumps and batteries for my 2 sump pumps at a very little expense as the older pumps were near the end of their 7-year warranty and weren't reliable. They also increased the diameter of the discharge pipes which now work with no sound and expel more water than before. I highly recommend this company for their expertise and professional approach to your needs.

Commendation of Mike Reynolds, Senior Technician

I wanted to commend Mike Reynolds for the job that he did at my house on February 4th. We used Midatlanic water proofing to water proof my basement. While for the most part my basement was dry, there was a small room in the rear of my basement that got wet when it rained hard After a number of technicians came to try to solve the problem reoccur. To finally solve the problem the company sent Mike Reynolds to my house. He was very courteous conscientious. Mike was also very honest in explaining why the small room was getting water when it rained heavily. He even closely examined the exterior areas of my house. The company is very fortunate to have him as an employee as he is a real asset to Midatlanic. I also wanted to commend Britany at the company who called several times to let me know when Mike was going to arrive at my house as he was delayed due to traffic. The company is very reliable and I am happy that my family chose Mid-Atlantic to water proof the basement.

Sump pump replacement

Henry's service was professional and courteous. He went out his way to be helpful to me. 5 *

Replacement Pumps

Michael Reynolds assessed the waterproofing system in my house, which was installed in 2003. Mike took his time and advised me that only one pump area need to be replace. BBU and Main pump replacement The other pumping area was still working properly but would need to be replace in the future. Mike was very knowledgeable, informing me about cost and warranty. Work was done in about and hour and half. I was very pleased and will only call MidAtlantic Waterproofing in the future.

Wonderful Service

Tim came out to the house and resolved my issue quickly and satisfactorily. Very friendly and responsive.

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