The crew arrived promptly at 8 am, and IMMEDIATELY started working. I was just starting to introduce myself to the foreman, when I realized the crew had already unloaded their tools, taken them into my basement, and had begun breaking up concrete. (I am really glad I had done my own assigned preparations the night before, namely moving everything to the center of my basement. They even wrapped heavy gage plastic around my pile BEFORE they started making dust.) They continued to work rapidly, yet methodically, all morning, and completed the job a little after noon. Mid-morning, I brought them coffee and donuts. They all thanked me ... but didn't stop for a moment. No one touched any food until they had packed up and climbed back into their trucks!!! As for the quality of their work... I'm a contractor myself, but I've never before seen such quality, care, attention to detail, politeness, and overall efficiency. Over a year has passed, now, since that awesome morning, and our basement has been bone dry ever since. My wife and I give them 4 thumbs up!

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