Sump Pump Installation – Harrisburg, PA

With heavy rain or leaks in your plumbing, your basement can easily flood. When this happens, you are left with a mess and costly damage. However, all of this can be avoided when you install one simple product in your home. At Mid-Atlantic Waterproofing, we offer a variety of high-quality sump pumps in Harrisburg, PA. In addition, we have over 50 years of installation experience, so you can count on us to provide you with the superior service that you deserve.

Quality Products for Your Sump Pump Replacement

“What is a sump pump?” you might ask. Simply put, it is damage prevention tool that removes water that has accumulated in your basement. However, each has its own unique benefits and features to fit a variety of homes and situations. When you choose Mid-Atlantic Waterproofing for your sump pump replacement, you can choose from all of our different products to prevent a flooded basement. The following are just a few of the features you can find on our premium sump pumps:

  • High Capacity: Our large sump pumps have capacities that can reach up to 83 gallons-per-minute.
  • Back-Up Batteries: Even if you lose your power in a storm, our pumps still operate on their emergency batteries.
  • Automatic Systems: We offer automatic sump pumps that contain multiple pumps to fit your needs.

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Start protecting your basement from flooding and water damage by contacting Mid-Atlantic Waterproofing in Harrisburg, PA for sump pump installation services. You can call to find out more about the different products that we have to offer or request your free, no-obligation estimate by submitting our online form.

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