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Waterproofing Services

Every year thousands of homes in your area suffer from water related issues including flooding, mold and mildew, and foundation damage that result in millions of dollars in damages. These same problems go without being addressed because homeowners mistakenly think it is only a minor issue. Prolonged exposure to the common problems associated with water penetration can be harmful to you, your family and the home you live in.

Foundation Repair

A settling house, improperly cured concrete, water, and wayward roots can all contribute to damaging the foundation of your home. Foundation issues can indicate underlying problems or even be the actual source of a bigger concern. How do you determine if you need foundation repair services? Here are a few examples that there may be problems with your foundation:

Structural Repair

Water damage can have a devastating effect on your home and family. The moisture can cause mold and mildew to accumulate on wood, drywall and countless other surfaces. Footings can be washed out, and even entire portions of a home can settle and cause cracks to appear in various locations. Sometimes minor foundation damage can be repaired in conjunction with minor waterproofing to prevent any further damage. However, there are times when water can cause structural issues that must be addressed before even bigger problems arise.

Sump Pump Installation

Sump pump systems are the primary method that most waterproofing companies rely upon to keep basement and crawl spaces dry. They deliver the most effective way of transporting unwanted water to the exterior of your home. Through adequate drainage, proper installation and a reliable product that has been proven in the lab and in the field, sump pumps have protected homes from the various water penetrations mother nature is known for.

Water Damage Repair

There is no denying the destructive power water can have over a household. Mold and mildew buildup, cracks in the foundation, and actual structure failure have been known to be caused by an unwanted presence of water. A small problem can grow into a nightmare when it is left untreated. Most water damage repairs have three basic components: time sensitivity, knowledge, and materials.

Mold and Mildew Prevention

When water sits, it begins to breed things such as mold. Mold and mildew have been known to create numerous health related problems that can range from a simple itch or an occasional cough to severe respiratory problems and even possibly death. Mold can also damage wood, drywall and other foundation and structural damage. It can drop the actual value of your home! Remove the water, and remove the real source of your problem.